Evolving Virtual Friendship

I:  Alexa, good morning. Alexa: Good morning. Kids can learn a lot from what adults do during the day. I:    Alexa, how are you? Alexa:  Great, I am ready to help. I:    Alexa, what’s new? Now Alexa finds me my favourite news channel and I listen to the news until the weather forecast, … Continue reading Evolving Virtual Friendship

Dogsitting in Carmel-by-the Sea

- Oh, my ... carrot, it has had a heart attack, was the first thought that went through my mind, when I saw the big dog lying motionless on the roadside. - What do I do now? What a horrible thing. What will the sweet old ladies say now. They left their beloved dogs in my … Continue reading Dogsitting in Carmel-by-the Sea