Juggling language learning while traveling alone in Guatemala

In Guatemala I have met more women who travel alone than on any other trip. Since last Thursday, I have stayed at a Mayan family’ place in San Pedro with four other female guests who also travel alone. S. from Boston appears to be the youngest of the other female guests. She combines travelling with … Continue reading Juggling language learning while traveling alone in Guatemala

Immersion in expat life in Antigua

Six days in Antigua, Guatemala, passed quickly. In the mornings I concentrated on visiting local sights, in the afternoons I studied four hours with a private teacher in the Spanish language school, San Jose de Viejo, and in between I became acquainted with many new persons. The most impressive sight was the Macadamia experimental station, … Continue reading Immersion in expat life in Antigua

Having Spaghetti in Guatemala

Yesterday morning I arrived in Antigua, Guatemala. I was a bit groggy after two nights of travel, and inadequate sleep. The strong coffee I drank thereafter invigorated me. On arrival I drank coffee at the airport café. Later my landlady, Doña Olga served me coffee in her living room, and in the afternoon I had more coffee in a colorful local coffee shop painted in bright red, green, yellow and purple. For breakfast, Doña Olga … Continue reading Having Spaghetti in Guatemala