Women climbing mountains together

Rim to Rim Aug 2017.jpg

The other day I hiked up Williams Mountain in Northern Arizona with 11 other women. We are all members of the “Rim to Rim” (R2R) hiking group established in the beginning of the 70s. Without the group I would not be hiking so much or maybe not at all. I never hiked before I found this group three years ago.

The temperature was already close to 80 degrees around 9 o’clock. We had been climbing up in a queue and chatting all the time with the person in front or in back of oneself. We talked about films, doctor visits, vacation experiences, and our children.

Two hours later, I started getting dizzy and nauseated. I should not have joined this hike so soon after spending the summer at sea level in Northern Europe, I thought. I tried to concentrate on my breathing, getting in more oxygen. It did not help, on the contrary. Finally I had to tell to the two women behind me, that I had to stop and rest. They stopped with me. There is a silent understanding in the group that no woman is left behind.

I sat down, tried to get hold of my water bottle and a bag of peanuts from the backpack. It was impossible: I just could not control my hands. One of the hiking buddies handed me an energy bar. I forced myself to take a couple of bites despite being increasingly nauseated. It helped. Soon, I was up and walking again.

I managed to complete the nine-mile hike with the help of other group members. I had conquered my tiredness. Cooperation with others helps me to always go further than I can on my own.  It enhances my life experiences. I recommend joining a group if you are not already a member of a group: it’s worth trying.


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