About Tarja Joy



Tarja Joy

Originally I am from Finland, before I became European and the last five years I identify myself as a world citizen. This third phase in my life is even more than the previous ones about learning, getting wiser and adding value locally and globally.


7 thoughts on “About Tarja Joy

  1. What a great story, I definitely feel inspired! Facing your fear is brave and winning the competition is just wonderful – way to go. I bet you feel inspired to face more fears now.


  2. It was a great story, Joy, delivered with originality, suspense, and authenticity. You deserved to be the winner for your courage and determination to give us the pleasure of listening to a unique and real story.


  3. Hey Joy, This is a great pic of you. I enjoy reading your blogs and your most recent blog on your teenaged son is most appropriate for me to read at this moment in time. Hope we meet again. NJ is not the most exciting place but would love to c u if u r here. Hugs Saba


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