After a 5-year hiatus for  traveling the world, studying new disciplines and volunteering for various humanitarian causes, I am ready to help you to create a life that you enjoy more than the current one. This will be done through discussions over internet (Skype, Facetime or other means you will feel comfortable with).

The method is simple: I will listen to you, ask questions (coaching) and guide you (mentoring) if that is what you want.

Why would you choose me?

My life experience consists among other things of

  • a challenging childhood in an extended Finnish family with a father who fled with his parents from Carelia to Tavasteland due to the Russian takeover
  • moves to foreign countries to find work after my first graduation
  • ending a destructive marriage in Norway and healing in therapy and healthier relationships in Denmark
  • becoming an expert in internet-dating
  • overcoming a second long term relationship and functioning as a bridge-builder with the ex-partner’s parents and his new gay partner
  • managing a life as a single mother raising two responsible children
  • succeeding in finding interesting jobs and achieving a well-balanced economy
  • running a one-woman business covering four Nordic countries
  • living in a well-functioning co-housing community with 130+ members in Denmark
  • volunteering among homeless, native Americans, international students etc. mainly in the US
  • hosting paying guests of all ages from all over the world in my home
  • maintaining good relations to my aging parents with mental issues
  • supporting emotionally dying friends and acquaintances

My academic credentials include a.o.:

  • Courses in Neuropsychology, Neuroeconomics, Social Entrepreneurship etc. offered by universities in the US, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, India and Russia on various massive open online platforms
  • Master in Rhetorics and Communications from Aarhus University in Denmark
  • Cand.mag. with focus on Psychology, Sociology and Humanities from the University of Oslo in Norway
  • Diplom Translator degree from Kouvola Language Institute (later state-certifications from The University of Helsinki)

You can read more about my work and life experience on Linkedin and in the blog section of this website.


Your first one-hour session will be free. We will concentrate on finding out whether I am the right fit for you. If we decide to continue talking together to bring you from your current situation to a more fulfilling one, I will give you a personalized quote.

Please use the contact page to get in touch with me.